Get Ahead of the Class!

Posted: July 29, 2019
Categories: Healthy Living
Happy mom and child.
  • If you’re like most parents, you probably greet the end of summer with a mixture of emotions.
  • However, summer will be over before you know it – which means “Back to School” time is just around the corner. Are you ready?
  • AdventHealth can help by ensuring that your child has all of the necessary health checks and immunizations to participate in school, sports and club activities.
  • You can get your child’s back-to-school and sports physicals from one of AdventHealth Medical Group’s board-certified family doctors or pediatricians.
  • Any child who is being enrolled in school for the first time in Florida must have proof that they received a physical examination within the past year.
  • Likewise, certain vaccinations are required for all kids entering Florida public schools at different levels, and your child’s back-to-school physical is the ideal time to get up-to-date on those shots.
  • The exam is covered by most major insurance plans and includes the back-to-school physical, vaccinations and the physical-exam form that schools and sports organizations require.
Physicals, Vaccinations and Boosters Shot by Age Group chart.

Dr. Robert Chong and Dr. Michelle Norden are passionate about enhancing the lives of children and families by providing the highest quality medical care with compassion and respect for patients newborn to age 18 in College Park and Orlando. From flu shots to physicals, behavioral evaluations to injury care, our highly experienced group of pediatricians provide the full range of medical services at multiple locations for your growing child. To schedule an appointment, call (407) 423-8443.